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Industry terms


The abbreviation FTTx describes the connection to the fiber optic network at all levels (x). More specifically, the terms FTTB (fiber to the building) or FTTH (fiber to the home), among others, are also used to define the termination point.


The Gf-AP is a fiber optic termination point for use on the first floor of e.g. apartment buildings or in the business customer sector.


The Gf-TA functions as a subscriber connection point in the living area of e.g. single or multi-family houses.


The term MFG stands for "multifunctional housing" and refers to an outdoor distribution rack. Both passive and active technology can be installed in it.


An NVt is a network distributor that acts as a passive distribution point in the FTTx network.


An ODF (Optical Distribution Frame) is an optical distribution frame. ODFs are equipped with modules (SPM, FM, SM) and are used in PoP stations, operating centers and data centers.


In the Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), splitters are used in the ODF or network distributor to split a fiber to several end customers.


The term PoP stands for "Point-of-Presence" and refers to a main distribution frame. This is a main component of network level 2.


The Point to Point (PtP) structure describes the connection to each end customer via one fiber each into the PoP station to the ODF.


"splice/patch modules", also called SPMs, are used in ODFs and MFGs. They exist in different height versions (1U, 2U, 3U) and are used to terminate the fibers.