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Fibre-optic building entries

Single building entries from Hauff-Technik GRIDCOM can be relied upon for professional and reliable seals between buildings and supply lines for fibre-optic or copper cables. Whether through basement walls, floor slabs or above-ground through the outside wall: they can be installed quickly and safely in a matter of minutes and are gastight and watertight. Our fibre-optic building entries offer an innovative quick installation system. This system features components that are compatible for use in all standard types of wall, and it is virtually impossible to make a mistake during the installation process. In addition to the standard open construction, in many cases it is possible to create a building connection by pulling through an empty conduit, without the need for major groundwork.

Our single building entries for trenchless construction do not require an installation trench on the outside of the building. The building entries can be installed entirely from the inside of the building, making them ideal for use if the building connection has been built over or is difficult to access. Like our open construction single building entries, with our trenchless installation method we also guarantee that the building entry will subsequently benefit from professional sealing.