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PoP station entries

As one of the leading manufacturers of cable entries for the station segment, PoP station entries are an important application in addition to substation entries. The sealing requirements in the Point of Presence segment mainly differ in terms of the media lines to be fed in. Micropipe/Speedpipe duct bundles are special combination pipe bundles which need to be fed in to the station in a particular precise combination. For this purpose, Hauff-Technik GRIDCOM also offers the optimal solution with its HSI (Hauff Snap-In) cable entry system in a modular design.

With a nominal diameter of 150 mm, the HSI system sets standards for cable entries for installation in concrete walls flush with the formwork. Here, the wall insert HSI150 offers maximum flexibility during subsequent use and is fitted with a pressure-tight closing cover ex works. Various system seals are available for sealing microtubes.