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Fanout Module


2LINE FM - Fanout Module
  • Individual connection of fibres from loose tubes or micro cables with pigtails
The 2LINE Fanout Modules are used in combination with the 2LINE Splice Modules. This provides greater flexibility in handling the incoming fibre bundles.



  • Foldable front panel as laser protection and for cleaning and measuring the pigtails
  • Module lock with coupling unlocker
  • Availability of mirrored modules

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 pc. 2LINE FM
  • Pre-assembled with Fanout
  • Available Fanout with LC/ SC/ E2000 connectors
  • Fibres of the pigtails optionally G.652 or G.657
  • Mounting material included
  • 2LINE SPM Multitool (in top drawer)
  • 2LINE Miniflex white
  • 2LINE SPM Multitool (optional)
  • 2LINE Miniflex white (optional)


  • Width 350 mm; Depth 280 mm
  • Heights: 1U 44 mm; 2U 88 mm; 3U 132 mm

No downloads available


HU Module type Drawers Ports Best.-Bez. Artikelnr.
1 ST 2 48 ports LC 2LINE FM 1U ST 2LINE FM 1U ST2LINE FM 1U ST
2 ST 4 96 ports LC 2LINE FM 2U ST 2LINE FM 2U ST
3 ST 6 144 ports LC 2LINE FM 3U ST 2LINE FM 3U ST
1 HD 3 72 ports LC 2LINE FM 1U HD 2LINE FM 1U HD
2 HD 6 144 ports LC 2LINE FM 2U HD 2LINE FM 2U HD
3 HD 9 216 ports LC 2LINE FM 3U HD 2LINE FM 3U HD