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2LINE Athene BOX

Optical telecommunication outlet / Customer line termination

2LINE Athene BOX

2LINE Athene BOX - Optical telecommunication outlet / Customer line termination
  • Holds up to 3 LC duplex couplings and 6 LC pigtails
  • Uncomplicated and fast connection without unwanted damping thanks to smart fibre routing
  • Easy storage of excess cable lengths in the 2LINE Athene KÜB
The 2LINE Athene BOX is a multifunctional fibre optic termination point that enables you to conclude your network at the highest quality standard. The use of High- Performance plastics ensures that the 2LINE Athene BOX can be used and installed worriless even under difficult conditions. In combination with the optionally available 2LINE Athene KÜB, excessive long assembled cables and its connectors can be also easily stored.



  • Use as termination point in single and multi-subscriber’s buildings
  • Use as subscriber connection box in single-family homes and apartment buildings
  • Use as a transfer point for business customers
  • Use as transfer point from outdoor to in-house cable
  • Use on flush-mounted boxes
  • Tube/cable entry and fixation up to max. Ø10mm
  • Alternative output with cable and cable clamp by screw or 2LINE ZAF
  • Storage of gas/water stop (EZA) in AP
  • Guide elements to maintain bending radius (R30mm)
  • Mounting on multiple flush-mounted boxes, also beside already existing connections
  • Hinged, captive lid
  • Closure with self-locking and additional screw or seal

Scope of delivery:

  • Splice protection holder 12x crimp or 6x shrink
  • Cable entry sleeve with membrane (max.Ø7mm)
  • Cable ties
  • Screws for fastening the aramid yarn
  • Locking Torx screws
  • Assembly instruction
  • Wall fixation material (Universal plugs and screws)
  • Adapters and pigtails included (yellow) (optional)
  • Customer logo (optional)


  • HxWxD[mm]: 135x96x27


  • Protection Index IP20
  • Impact resistant IK07
  • Self-extinguishing according to UL94 V0 and UV-resistant


Item Best.-Bez. Artikelnr.
Leergehäuse 2LINE Athene BOX 21066
1 Kupplung / 1 Pigtail 2LINE Athene BOX 21067
1 Kupplung / 2 Pigtails 2LINE Athene BOX 21068
2 Kupplungen / 3 Pigtails 2LINE Athene BOX 21069
2 Kupplungen / 4 Pigtails 2LINE Athene BOX 21070
3 Kupplungen / 5 Pigtails 2LINE Athene BOX 21071
3 Kupplungen / 6 Pigtails 2LINE Athene BOX 21072
2LINE Athene KÜB 2LINE Athene BOX 21073