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2LINE Customer Outlet Box COB

Optic fibre management system


2LINE Customer Outlet Box COB - Optic fibre management system
  • Installation of E&MMS cassette system and patch field for the accomodation of adapters
  • Variable extension for splicing or patching
  • Different sizes (S,M,L) available
The 2LINE COB is a modular fibre optic distribution system for splicing and patching of optical fibres. It is used in buildings, smaller control cabinets and as outdoor distribution boxes. There is a wide range of different configuration possibilities.



  • Possibility to install splitters
  • Inlet / outlet for cables / pipes with Ø3 to Ø20mm
  • Possibility of depositing excess loose tube length and cable loop
  • Removable protective hood
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy access and installation
  • Simple wall installation
  • Closure: lock

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 pc. 2LINE COB M
  • Couplings and pigtails (optional)
  • Cable bushings (Ø1.5 - 35mm) (optional)
  • Splice cassettes (crimp or shrink splice protection) (optional)
  • Cassettes with PLC splitters (optional)
  • Patch panel for max. 60 couplings (optional)
  • ZEA (central interception element) (optional)


  • HxWxD[mm]: 440x415x150
  • Impact resistance class IP54