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2LINE PoP-Station in cooperation with the company Betonbau

Point of Presence

2LINE PoP-Station in cooperation with the company Betonbau

  • Turnkey and pre-assembled provision of the PoP-Station
  • Long service life with low operating costs
The 2LINE PoP-Station is a turnkey solution in cooperation with the company Betonbau. It includes all the necessary parts for successful operating, such as air-conditioning, power supply, monitoring and the passive components.

Aufbau und Anschluss einer schlüsselfertigen und kundenindividuellen PoP-Station



  • For point-to-point or point-to-multipoint (PON) expansion
  • Individual equipment with 2LINE ODF racks, modules and racks for active technology
  • 2LINE Patch+ Matrix for a uniform patch cable length in the ODF
  • 2LINE KKS for patch cable routing from passive components to active technology
  • 2LINE POM excess length management for patch cables
  • Room air conditioning according to requirements
  • Power distribution and lighting according to requirements
  • Individual cable/pipe feed-throughs

Scope of delivery:

  • Access control and remote monitoring
  • Earthing system
  • UPS system
  • Cable duct system
  • Storage system for excess cable lengths
  • Raised floor
  • Transport and crane services (optional)
  • Number and type of press seals (optional)
  • Grounding (optional)
  • Electrical commissioning (optional)


  • Variant dependent

Variant Width Lenght (mm) Height (mm) Ports Best.-Bez. Artikelnr.
BB 1 2500 3580 3560 max. 6.048 2LINE PoP-Station BB 1 2LINE PoP-Station BB 1
BB 2 2500 5380 3560 max. 11.232 2LINE PoP-Station BB 2 2LINE PoP-Station BB 2
BB 3 3020 6580 3560 max. 16.416 2LINE PoP-Station BB 3 2LINE PoP-Station BB 3